Monday, August 2, 2010

This Morning.....

I am mulling my way around. Thinking about shit that I should be - or chances won or lost. Wondering when some really good ideas will shift my life from same ol', same ol', to an alien world. Or thinking about passivity and what is the point at which one loses the will to struggle, and loses all emotion - becomes an empty shell.

And then the young lovers rise to go - so beautiful, and emitting weird laughs - life is strange, that.

I have always been very good at engaging in life and its heat: the heat is intense in it's variety and shapes and levels.

There are times when suddenly everything clicks - and a sudden surge of energy, a sudden elevation of spirit - a harmony with my studio's ambiance - and the music is grand - every image dances - the smell of turpentine intoxicates - moments when life is there in my heart, taking me away on a romp, running and ruining my imagination - it's all about power in such times.

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